About Me

Abdul Malik

a.k.a.  Kestrel83

D.O.B.: 24 April 1983

Height: 168cm

Weight: 55 65kg

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Black

Location: North-Eastern Singapore

Favourite food: Spaghetti

Favourite drink: Kickapoo Joy Juice

Favourite YouTube star: Natalie Tran

Favourite porn star: I don’t watch porn… (oh all right, it’s Nautica Thorn, happy?)

You want to know more?  I have a Facebook account, you know…

Why do I have such a beef with life?  I have no idea.  I guess I have been hurt somewhere early in life, and I carry the scars till today.  I seem so confident, yet no one really knows what I feel inside.  The insecurity, the lack of love, the sibling rivalry… everything has converged together to shape what I am today.

This blog is like my alter ego.  It has stuff which I won’t say in public because I’m a wuss.

Or rather, I can’t afford to get sued.

I’m trying to constantly improve myself, and I hope you leave your comments after reading the posts.  Tell me what needs improvement, and if I like you, I might just do it.



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