The Malay Problem

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I seriously thought I was going to shut down this blog for good.  Yet, a new cause has provided me the impetus to stay my hand from clicking  the “Delete Account” button.

I’m sure all of you will get a hint of what that cause is.  For the uninitiated, please visit this link:

As a member of the Malay community, it saddens me to see that my race has been singled out for special mention.  Bad hats will always exist in any community, but why is the problem endemic to the Malay population?  It seems that the problem of Malay gangsterism (popularly named the ‘Matrep’ culture) has finally gotten the spotlight it deserves.

The question is:  Why does the younger generation of Malays tend toward mediocrity in studies, wealth and life in general?

Many have said that Malays are used to living idyllic, laid-back, kampung (village) lifestyles that we simply cannot adapt to living in a fast-moving cosmopolitan society.  I would agree, provided you were talking about the previous generation.  People of my age would have hardly lived in a kampung, much less know what kind of lifestyle they lead there.  Malays of my generation and beyond have been brought up in the Singapore of today.  Yet why do they lag so far behind the other races in terms of education and socio-economic wellness, and lead in terms of divorce rates, unwanted pregnancies and drug offences?

It must be a racial psyche that is entrenched so deep within our very being as Malays that all forms of hard work are to be avoided.  When was the last time you heard a Malay being praised as hardworking?  It would be a rarity indeed.  What has happened?  Is it in our genes to be lazy?

I believe that laziness is just a state of mind.  Malays just feel sidelined by other races in the pursuit of progress and feel that no matter how hard they try they will always lag behind the others.  Not true!  I can personally attest to that.  I know what it likes to feel the harsh discrimination of other looking down on Malays as incapable.  Yet, when compared with my peers, I know I am luckier (or at least more hardworking) than many other Malay youths.  People used to say that it was near impossible for a Malay boy from a neighbourhood primary school to get into Raffles Institution.  Well then I did exactly that so I guess for my case IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.  (Thank you Adidas!)

But enough about me.  Back to the question of the Malay psyche. Why are they so inclined to gangsterism, unwanted pregnancies and divorces?  Malays are predominantly Muslim, and nowhere in the Holy Quran does it encourage this kind of behaviour.  So religion is not to blame (obviously).  Then what is?

The real problem seems so vague and unmentionable that putting your finger on it seems impossible.  Why do Malays have this inherent laziness?  Why do they not feel the importance of excellence?  Why don’t Malay parents drive their children to be excellent sportsmen, students, etc.  Why do they want to live with mediocrity when everyone is talking of meritocracy?

Are we all not human with the same brain capacity as others?  Do we not have the same opportunities offered as other races?

What then is the problem? The Malay Problem???

P.S.: I would like to thank my new friends at “Anti-Matrep & Floating Caps / Anti Minah & Kenings” Facebook groups for motivating me to start blogging again.  Please leave comments on my posts.  Sorry that this post is really short compared to the norm, but I’m just really tired this week.  Chinese New Year is coming, and I hope I will have the energy to post something more substantial!  Thank you for your understanding!



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