Another day at the office

Hey there!

You guys have no idea what a boring day it is today.

My boss came in for like 2 hours and went off again, leaving me with (thankfully) little to do.  I know that some people my find the picture I take have a lack of subject.  It’s as if I’m taking pictures at random.  Well, you’re almost right there.  That’s because it is kind of random, although the pictures do have a subject.  The subject is:  I’m bored.

Yes, I am super bored today.

Got back from lunch and decided to have a power nap… I like the sound of that.  It’s like I’m this powerful CEO recharging before going to that meeting and closing that mega-million dollar deal.

Unfortunately, I’m not.  And power nap shots tend to be a little unflattering.

My power nap

That I am still down with the flu doesn’t make things any better.  I just needed to doze off a while to get my momentum back.

I just hope my boss doesn’t see this picture, or else he might think I’m just slacking off in the office.

Then again, I think he knows about it, and doesn’t really care.  He’s a nice guy.

It’s on days like these that I have time to check my Facebook account, watch my favourite YouTube videos and do stuff that you would normally not do if you were busy.

God must be showering me with blessings, because it’s these kind of days I usually face.

I swear I didn’t time my sleep time, which experts recommend to be 15 minutes.

Achieving ZZZzzen

I think that picture either shows me dozing off, or else something that would be rated as Mature Content.  Let’s not get into that.  There might be kids looking at this.

For those of you who may not know me that well (which is the majority of you), I work in this extremely dull place called Bukit Merah Industrial Estate.

My duties include site checks and doing shitloads of paperwork, especially with the Changi Airport Terminal 1 Upgrading project that my company is involved in.  I’m sort of an Operations Manager, if you will.

Technically though, I am a Project Executive, and in return for that fancy-sounding title I get my own desk.  Not some cubicle that some of you office-bound losers get.  In your face.  I have a desk.  A real, open table where I don’t feel confined like some rat in the um… rat race.

That is my desk. I am not stuffed into some lousy cubicle. So there...

This is the company I work for. I never got around to understand why it was named GYMS.

I work in the Technopreneur Centre. It's as if we're the next Microsoft.

My cough just doesn’t want to go away.  Then again, I guess that’s what an expectorant is supposed to do.  I cough more now, but at least stuff seems to be coming out.  It’s times like these that I rely on my friend to keep my throat soothed.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Oh yeah, Chinese New Year is coming in about 3 week’s time.  Preparations are starting early as the Sinkie Chinks (I’m racially inappropriate) buckle down to a routine of house cleaning and putting up lucky charms and all sorts of junk that they would ultimately throw away afterwards.

Does this thing really work?

Oh well, to each his own.  Now I must say that I’m not racist in any way.  We Sinkies love each other, no matter what colour you are.  Everyone has a part to play in nation-building.  We all contribute to the economy.  Blah blah… (I’m beginning to sound like a propaganda poster, so I’ll just stop here.)

For every time I insulted someone from another race, I’d get 10x the amount back.

After all, aren’t Malays supposed to be brown, lazy, have lots of kids… more than they can support, poor and always end up in prison?

(You can’t use the Sedition Act against me, Mr Prime Minister, because I’m criticising my own racial group.  If this is racist, then I’m being a racist against myself, which won’t make sense.  And I believe I have stopped making sense even to myself, so I’ll just end it here.)

No seriously, that’s what I come across every day, especially from elderly folk.  They can’t believe that there are such people as educated Malays out there.  Granted, they are a handful compared to the overall population of Malays.  They do make up at least half of all drug addicts in Singapore.  Malay kids scrape the bottom of the education barrel.  Highest number of drop-outs and lowest English and Maths scores.

But hey, at least we are good at one thing.  We own Singapore Idol.

Anyway, I love all you people out there, be you yellow, brown, black or white.  You’re all the same to me.

Before you think I was about to say we’re all Singaporeans…. and get all fuzzy and into the I-Love-Singapore mood….

Wait… I was about to say…

We are all stuck on this same shithole of an island.  It doesn’t matter what colour you are, the Government doesn’t care about your skin.  The only colour that is important is purple, red, blue and brown.

That’s the colour of S$2, S$10, S$50 and S$100 notes for you foreign people… or should I say foreign talent.

If you have money, you will live… if not, you will die.

Simple fact of life and very efficient too.  It’s a kind of Darwinian effect on society.  Survival of the richest.

Why not come and live in our country, foreign people, and steal our homes and jobs from us?  What does it matter if you can buy our public housing (whose prices are determined by market forces) to live in while the local citizens are shunted out of the market and forced to live in tents?  You are our prized foreign TALENT.  Local talent is not good enough for our government.  We need you to take over Singapore and kill us all off.

Our government will care for you, as long as you work hard and give your hard-earned money to our politicians.

Sinkies are probably the only ones who encourage their kids to become politicians.  Not because of the belief in championing the rights of the common man, but for the exceptional pay a civil servant gets.  Ministers get almost a million bucks a year.  Isn’t that great?  Of course, you have to join the right political party…

So before I shoot my mouth off any further and potentially land myself into deeper shit, I wish to end off on a lighter note.

Go Liverpool!  It’s okay if we suck this year!  We will win the Barclays English Premier League next year! Like we have been saying for the past 21 years!  Woo hoo!

Go Liverpool! We can maintain 8th place this year!



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