Thank you for your support!

Okay, I know I sound as if I’ve hit Internet stardom or something.

Thank you for those 3 people who stumbled onto my blog.  I hope you actually read the posts, and didn’t hit the Back button immediately because it was not the page you wanted.

Anyway, this will be kind of my own personal Twitter from time to time, because I cannot Tweet.  If Tweets are what they are now, I have really a big bird.  (Get it?  No?  Never mind…)

I like proper sentences and all, so I don’t really like Twitter.

Oh yeah, and please leave your comments if you do happen to read my posts.  I seek your help to make the content more interesting, although I will not upload naked pictures of myself here.  That would be hazardous to your health…

Although Nautica Thorn pictures would be nice, if WordPress allowed me to put them up here… (drools)

Be sure to catch Shay Carl & The ShayTards on YouTube, okay?  They have such lovely children and Shay is such a funny guy.  By the way, Mommytard is one hot MILF.

Moving right along, please let me know what can be done to improve this blog.  Your comment are highly appreciated.  (That’s what, the third time I’m talking about the comments?)



~ by kestrel83 on January 19, 2010.

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