The Malay Problem

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Hi there!

I seriously thought I was going to shut down this blog for good.  Yet, a new cause has provided me the impetus to stay my hand from clicking  the “Delete Account” button.

I’m sure all of you will get a hint of what that cause is.  For the uninitiated, please visit this link:

As a member of the Malay community, it saddens me to see that my race has been singled out for special mention.  Bad hats will always exist in any community, but why is the problem endemic to the Malay population?  It seems that the problem of Malay gangsterism (popularly named the ‘Matrep’ culture) has finally gotten the spotlight it deserves.

The question is:  Why does the younger generation of Malays tend toward mediocrity in studies, wealth and life in general?

Many have said that Malays are used to living idyllic, laid-back, kampung (village) lifestyles that we simply cannot adapt to living in a fast-moving cosmopolitan society.  I would agree, provided you were talking about the previous generation.  People of my age would have hardly lived in a kampung, much less know what kind of lifestyle they lead there.  Malays of my generation and beyond have been brought up in the Singapore of today.  Yet why do they lag so far behind the other races in terms of education and socio-economic wellness, and lead in terms of divorce rates, unwanted pregnancies and drug offences?

It must be a racial psyche that is entrenched so deep within our very being as Malays that all forms of hard work are to be avoided.  When was the last time you heard a Malay being praised as hardworking?  It would be a rarity indeed.  What has happened?  Is it in our genes to be lazy?

I believe that laziness is just a state of mind.  Malays just feel sidelined by other races in the pursuit of progress and feel that no matter how hard they try they will always lag behind the others.  Not true!  I can personally attest to that.  I know what it likes to feel the harsh discrimination of other looking down on Malays as incapable.  Yet, when compared with my peers, I know I am luckier (or at least more hardworking) than many other Malay youths.  People used to say that it was near impossible for a Malay boy from a neighbourhood primary school to get into Raffles Institution.  Well then I did exactly that so I guess for my case IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.  (Thank you Adidas!)

But enough about me.  Back to the question of the Malay psyche. Why are they so inclined to gangsterism, unwanted pregnancies and divorces?  Malays are predominantly Muslim, and nowhere in the Holy Quran does it encourage this kind of behaviour.  So religion is not to blame (obviously).  Then what is?

The real problem seems so vague and unmentionable that putting your finger on it seems impossible.  Why do Malays have this inherent laziness?  Why do they not feel the importance of excellence?  Why don’t Malay parents drive their children to be excellent sportsmen, students, etc.  Why do they want to live with mediocrity when everyone is talking of meritocracy?

Are we all not human with the same brain capacity as others?  Do we not have the same opportunities offered as other races?

What then is the problem? The Malay Problem???

P.S.: I would like to thank my new friends at “Anti-Matrep & Floating Caps / Anti Minah & Kenings” Facebook groups for motivating me to start blogging again.  Please leave comments on my posts.  Sorry that this post is really short compared to the norm, but I’m just really tired this week.  Chinese New Year is coming, and I hope I will have the energy to post something more substantial!  Thank you for your understanding!



Another day at the office

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Hey there!

You guys have no idea what a boring day it is today.

My boss came in for like 2 hours and went off again, leaving me with (thankfully) little to do.  I know that some people my find the picture I take have a lack of subject.  It’s as if I’m taking pictures at random.  Well, you’re almost right there.  That’s because it is kind of random, although the pictures do have a subject.  The subject is:  I’m bored.

Yes, I am super bored today.

Got back from lunch and decided to have a power nap… I like the sound of that.  It’s like I’m this powerful CEO recharging before going to that meeting and closing that mega-million dollar deal.

Unfortunately, I’m not.  And power nap shots tend to be a little unflattering.

My power nap

That I am still down with the flu doesn’t make things any better.  I just needed to doze off a while to get my momentum back.

I just hope my boss doesn’t see this picture, or else he might think I’m just slacking off in the office.

Then again, I think he knows about it, and doesn’t really care.  He’s a nice guy.

It’s on days like these that I have time to check my Facebook account, watch my favourite YouTube videos and do stuff that you would normally not do if you were busy.

God must be showering me with blessings, because it’s these kind of days I usually face.

I swear I didn’t time my sleep time, which experts recommend to be 15 minutes.

Achieving ZZZzzen

I think that picture either shows me dozing off, or else something that would be rated as Mature Content.  Let’s not get into that.  There might be kids looking at this.

For those of you who may not know me that well (which is the majority of you), I work in this extremely dull place called Bukit Merah Industrial Estate.

My duties include site checks and doing shitloads of paperwork, especially with the Changi Airport Terminal 1 Upgrading project that my company is involved in.  I’m sort of an Operations Manager, if you will.

Technically though, I am a Project Executive, and in return for that fancy-sounding title I get my own desk.  Not some cubicle that some of you office-bound losers get.  In your face.  I have a desk.  A real, open table where I don’t feel confined like some rat in the um… rat race.

That is my desk. I am not stuffed into some lousy cubicle. So there...

This is the company I work for. I never got around to understand why it was named GYMS.

I work in the Technopreneur Centre. It's as if we're the next Microsoft.

My cough just doesn’t want to go away.  Then again, I guess that’s what an expectorant is supposed to do.  I cough more now, but at least stuff seems to be coming out.  It’s times like these that I rely on my friend to keep my throat soothed.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Oh yeah, Chinese New Year is coming in about 3 week’s time.  Preparations are starting early as the Sinkie Chinks (I’m racially inappropriate) buckle down to a routine of house cleaning and putting up lucky charms and all sorts of junk that they would ultimately throw away afterwards.

Does this thing really work?

Oh well, to each his own.  Now I must say that I’m not racist in any way.  We Sinkies love each other, no matter what colour you are.  Everyone has a part to play in nation-building.  We all contribute to the economy.  Blah blah… (I’m beginning to sound like a propaganda poster, so I’ll just stop here.)

For every time I insulted someone from another race, I’d get 10x the amount back.

After all, aren’t Malays supposed to be brown, lazy, have lots of kids… more than they can support, poor and always end up in prison?

(You can’t use the Sedition Act against me, Mr Prime Minister, because I’m criticising my own racial group.  If this is racist, then I’m being a racist against myself, which won’t make sense.  And I believe I have stopped making sense even to myself, so I’ll just end it here.)

No seriously, that’s what I come across every day, especially from elderly folk.  They can’t believe that there are such people as educated Malays out there.  Granted, they are a handful compared to the overall population of Malays.  They do make up at least half of all drug addicts in Singapore.  Malay kids scrape the bottom of the education barrel.  Highest number of drop-outs and lowest English and Maths scores.

But hey, at least we are good at one thing.  We own Singapore Idol.

Anyway, I love all you people out there, be you yellow, brown, black or white.  You’re all the same to me.

Before you think I was about to say we’re all Singaporeans…. and get all fuzzy and into the I-Love-Singapore mood….

Wait… I was about to say…

We are all stuck on this same shithole of an island.  It doesn’t matter what colour you are, the Government doesn’t care about your skin.  The only colour that is important is purple, red, blue and brown.

That’s the colour of S$2, S$10, S$50 and S$100 notes for you foreign people… or should I say foreign talent.

If you have money, you will live… if not, you will die.

Simple fact of life and very efficient too.  It’s a kind of Darwinian effect on society.  Survival of the richest.

Why not come and live in our country, foreign people, and steal our homes and jobs from us?  What does it matter if you can buy our public housing (whose prices are determined by market forces) to live in while the local citizens are shunted out of the market and forced to live in tents?  You are our prized foreign TALENT.  Local talent is not good enough for our government.  We need you to take over Singapore and kill us all off.

Our government will care for you, as long as you work hard and give your hard-earned money to our politicians.

Sinkies are probably the only ones who encourage their kids to become politicians.  Not because of the belief in championing the rights of the common man, but for the exceptional pay a civil servant gets.  Ministers get almost a million bucks a year.  Isn’t that great?  Of course, you have to join the right political party…

So before I shoot my mouth off any further and potentially land myself into deeper shit, I wish to end off on a lighter note.

Go Liverpool!  It’s okay if we suck this year!  We will win the Barclays English Premier League next year! Like we have been saying for the past 21 years!  Woo hoo!

Go Liverpool! We can maintain 8th place this year!


Do Something

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Hey there!

In case you guys haven’t noticed, there is a SocialVibe widget on my blog’s sidebar.

Please be a generation of doers and not just people who sit on your collective asses doing nothing.

Please support to help young people achieve something meaningful in their lives!


Country Art

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Hey there!

I woke up this morning with the worst headache in a decade.  Guess the flu just doesn’t want to leave me alone these next few days.

Thank goodness my kitchen has a drawer full of medicine that could shame a pharmacy.  Decided to pop some Bisolvon and Clarinase Reptabs before going to work.

On the way to work, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this:

What the heck is that?

I guess it looked cute in some bizarre sort of way.  Oh, for those of you who don’t live in Singapore, vandalism is a major offence.  One could get up to 3 strokes of the cane for an offence like that.  So if you’re thinking of living here, beware.  They’d probably hang you for chewing gum… (which is banned in Singapore too)

Now, for the benefit of those of you who do not read the news (uninformed slobs), there was a spate of vandalism attacks on post boxes like this one around New Year’s Eve.  The culprit apparently wasn’t caught, despite the fact that he was caught on camera by a concerned citizen.

Way to go, dude.

I don’t know if this was done by him or others who are trying to imitate his act, but one thing goes to show that no matter how delinquent we are, we are still patriotic fucks who love our little island immensely.

We love Singapore!

Shucks guys, LKY would be so proud of you… (LKY = Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s Minister Mentor and head honcho, for the uninitiated)

I know you guys tried to repair the damage, but it looks like it got worse.  I highly doubt MITA (Ministry of (dis)Information and the Arts) sanctioned your work.  But it was a good try…

Hey, at least they were trying to exercise their creativity.  People always said we Sinkies had no creativity, right?  So there, in your face.

At least its heartening to know that there are people out there who have the guts to say FUCK YOU to the government and still have a warm attachment to your homeland.

Don’t you get that warm fuzzy feeling, Sinkies?

Before I go…

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I am so tired now…

However, before I go to bed, I have a little surprise for you.

Yup, that's me!

I swear I look ugly before bedtime

Yup, that is yours truly.  Looking ugly as hell before bed.

I hope I didn’t scare any of you with the trollish face expression and messy hair.  Next to me, a pontianak (Malay she-vampire) looks as good as Ris Low.

Not that Ris Low looks really gorgeous… but she did amaze us with her “unique” language skill, didn’t she?

What is the world coming to…

God is a voyeur

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Hey there!

Tonight is a damp, hot night.  Can’t believe it was raining since 6pm till now (8.30pm).  It’s not the kind of refreshing summer rain you people over in the US experience.  Rain is hot here.  (Hmm… I guess I meant that both ways.  You do know who Rain is, right?)

Why is this such a problem?  Easy.  I can’t sleep when the weather is too hot.  Rain in the evening will lower the temperature, but it becomes so humid.  Tropical weather and all that.  I wish there was snow, it would be nice to walk around as if you’re in a huge city-size refrigerator.

Rain in the night

Raindrops in the night

Yeah, thats a snapshot there of the rain.

To top it all off, while the rain got me moody (with the flu bug and all), I had to endure my cousin’s awful rendition of some unheard-of Japanese song.  Can’t his parents see he is just taking lessons at the Yamaha Music School just to please them?  Oh wait, that’s what most Singaporean kids do anyway.  Why should he be any different?

Cousin at the keyboard

He's not shy, he's just people-phobic.

It’s no wonder that his back is turned.  He is playing the Electone , after all. (Electone is a trademark name of Yamaha Music Corporation and refers to an electric organ.)  Oh, did I also mention my aunt says blogging and YouTube are frivolous activities?  Of course, we should be spending the time reading… or praying , right?  Bin Laden will be so proud of us.  Why not start a kitchen bomb-making class while we’re at it so we could wage our own little jihad against the Infidels in our spare time?  You certainly look the part.

I think a person is entitled to some spare time away from God, isn’t he?  Of all people, God should understand our need for privacy.  Or not.  He does see all that we do.  The Holy Voyeur.

I think voyeurism is for the sick of mind.  Where is the fun in just looking at people doing the naughty?  I’d like to participate too, please.  Being just an onlooker and imagining yourself in the action is not only lame, but a perverse act.  You’re meant to do, not just see.  Be proactive.  Be a doer, not a seer.  Change your life.

Oh yeah, that brings me to something that happened yesterday.  Went to the LFI Headquarters (it’s some sort of MLM-but-not-MLM network marketing company) and was instantly enraptured by this product called Atom Power.  It is supposedly able to improve your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 55%.  That’s really good, if it works.

I am considering marketing that product for LFI, seeing that I did sign up as a member 4 years ago.  Maybe its a sign I should stop sitting on my arse and start doing something worthwhile with my life.  I swear blogging doesn’t count as a great achievement.

Oh well, I have to go now.  Got this irritating cough to attend to.  I really don’t have to worry about the house being haunted.  My cousin’s music can scare even a banshee away.

Thank you for your support!

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Okay, I know I sound as if I’ve hit Internet stardom or something.

Thank you for those 3 people who stumbled onto my blog.  I hope you actually read the posts, and didn’t hit the Back button immediately because it was not the page you wanted.

Anyway, this will be kind of my own personal Twitter from time to time, because I cannot Tweet.  If Tweets are what they are now, I have really a big bird.  (Get it?  No?  Never mind…)

I like proper sentences and all, so I don’t really like Twitter.

Oh yeah, and please leave your comments if you do happen to read my posts.  I seek your help to make the content more interesting, although I will not upload naked pictures of myself here.  That would be hazardous to your health…

Although Nautica Thorn pictures would be nice, if WordPress allowed me to put them up here… (drools)

Be sure to catch Shay Carl & The ShayTards on YouTube, okay?  They have such lovely children and Shay is such a funny guy.  By the way, Mommytard is one hot MILF.

Moving right along, please let me know what can be done to improve this blog.  Your comment are highly appreciated.  (That’s what, the third time I’m talking about the comments?)